Helpful Applications for Türkiye

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Helpful Applications for Türkiye

When going to a foreign country, one of the hardest thing to figure out is: what applications do I need? Usually names are in a language we don’t know and some applications honestly have the weirdest names. Unless you have a native friend willing to help you out with everything, you can figure out only a few but today I am your native friend helping you out with all sorts of applications you might need while you are in Türkiye

Applications For Food & Supermarkets

Yemek Sepeti : With this application, you can order in almost any type of food (in your area) and choose how you want to pay. While other for related applications let you pay only by card when you buy your desired items, with this application if you choose so, you can pay with cash when your food is delivered. You can also order from shops and supermarkets with this app.

Getir : You might have heard this one before, it is getting quite international. This Turkish founded app let’s you order food from cafes and restaurants in your area, as well as other types of products from supermarkets. However with this app, you can only pay by card when you purchase your items.

Helpful Applications for Türkiye

Trendyol : This application is not originally for food but since it got in that race, it has been excelling. You can order food with its Trendyol Yemek section, or other products you might need from Trendyol Market section. With the regular version of this app, you can pretty much buy anything. Clothing, accessories, technological devices, furniture, stationary… You name it. Same as Getir, you can only pay by card with this application.

Migros : Migros is a well known chain of supermarket. With its application, you can order all sorts of products they sell. Only Migros’ application is commonly used to order products to your home but other well known market chains are: Macro Center, A101, Bim, Şok, Happy Center, Özkuruşlar… You can try and see in App Store if they sell through applications. Here, they are listed from most likely to sell via apps to least likely.

⚠️ When you order from applications, it is forbidden under Turkish law to buy tobacco or alcohol products. If you want to purchase such products you should pay a visit to shops. Shops that sell tobacco and alcohol products are called “tekel” and they have a distinct dark blue color on their banners. Also note that you can’t buy alcohol products after 10 pm.

Helpful Applications for Türkiye

Applications For Transportation

Google Maps : Yes, I am starting with one that you already know but Google Maps is really good for showing various sorts of public transportation options. It is the one I personally prefer but other options for explaining public transportation are: Moovit, Citymapper, Transit. While using them with a knowledge of İstanbul will yield in better results, if you are here for a limited time these options should be more than enough.

Metro İstanbul : This application is the official app for all metros of İstanbul. When you enter the station you’re starting in and your destination station, this app shows you the best way to get there.

Helpful Applications for Türkiye

İstanbul Kart : If you don’t have an İstanbul card, I highly recommend you get one. It will be much cheaper than buying tickets for public transport. You can purchase one from the yellow machines at stations or you can choose to use an online one with this app. To use the online card, you will have to scan QR codes at transport entrances. With this app, you can also add more money to your card by card while the said yellow machines let you pay only in cash.

E-Bilet (TCDD) : This is the official app to buy train tickets (for travel between cities). I personally don’t use this one and prefer to go to their website but it is worthy of mentioning in this list.

Mobiett : Official application for buses in İstanbul. You can see in real time where your bus is and in how many minutes it will arrive (it is an estimation and may not be true, especially during rush hours). You can also see bus travel options in İstanbul by entering your starting and destination stations. Screens that you will see on bus stops in İstanbul use the same info as this app but those screens are not available on every bus stop and that’s where this application comes in especially handy. You can also check what time your bus will start its route and which bus stops it has. This app is also useful to let you know if a bus is canceled etc.

Helppful Applications for Türkiye

BiTaksi : Taxi calling app to where you are. Also shows a price estimate and you can pay by card with this app. Most taxis do have the option to pay by card even without the app, but definitely not all. So if you want to pay by card, better ask if you can before getting in the cab or use this app. As a tourist, this app can be useful when you are not sure if you’re being cheated or not.

Uber : Pretty much works the same as BiTaksi and you can only call taxis to where you are. In Turkey, for taxis, there are some special taxes and laws. Since, Uber drivers did not have to oblige to them, taxi drivers protested for a long time, hence leading the app to its current situation.

Flixbus : Yeah, yeah, I know that you know this one but it is safe to say that it works is Türkiye too. Their Turkish partner Kamil Koç, is pretty much the best name for coach travel in Türkiye. However, I usually prefer to write my starting and ending cities followed with the the word “otobüs” on a search engine and see my options there. Those options are usually cheaper and there are some that travel to some specific cities. Seeing my options via a search engine is better in this case.

Martı : This is an app to rent electric scooters. There are various other options named: BinBin Scooters, Hop, LINK Scooters… As a native Turkish person, I wouldn’t recommend using electric scooters unless you are in an area cars can’t enter because Turkish people, especially drivers in İstanbul, drive madly and for your own safety just don’t.

⚠️ There will always be traffic in İstanbul, even when you think “No, there can’t be any traffic at this time” yes, yes there is. Try not to trust the estimation of when your bus will arrive. If it says 8 minutes, it might be any time between 3 to 47 minutes etc. Most likely between 5 to 15 minutes but it is better to be safe than sorry. My tip for this would be avoid traveling by bus whenever you can. Choose subway, trams, ferries… but never the bus.

⚠️ If you’re travelling with a taxi in Turkey, it is required by law that the taxi driver starts the taxi meter when you get in, so that you can see the price you’re supposed to pay without any games. You can usually see the taxi meter on the mirror of the car, but if the driver does not turn it on know that you’re going to pay more than you should and let them know that you know this law

Helpful Applications for Türkiye Culture

Radar İstanbul : This app shows you anything happening in İstanbul. From concerts, plays, museum organizations, workshops… Note that these are only official events.

Museums of Turkey : Shows you museums close by and if you buy a museum pass online, you can use it through this app.

MUBI : Although it is used internationally, it is founded by a Turkish entrepreneur and I think it not as widely known as it should be. This app is quite like Netflix but for festival movies. It has a great collection so if you’re into movies, don’t forget to check this one out.

Helpful Applications for Türkiye

Influencer Collabs

I tried a lot of them but here are some that actually work well in my opinion.

ContentPro : This is only for L’Oreal products but also for L’Oreal sub-brands like Nyx, Garnier etc. When you create content for them however, you “win” products and it works like a competition. So, not really my favorite but also not hard to “win”.

Teamfluencer : App to get collabs as an influencer

Infumar : App to get collabs as an influencer (personal favourite)

Everything else

Trekin Turkey : If you like outdoor sports, I recommend you download this one. You can find various activities like hiking, camping etc. and make reservations to go with the team.

Turbo VPN : If you are in Turkey, chances are you will need a VPN for some activities. There was a time where Turkish people needed to use VPN to access Wikipedia, so don’t be fooled by activities written in italic. This is my VPN of choice, easy to use and has a free version. Definitely recommended.

KADES : If you are a woman or identify as a woman, you might need this app just in case. I personally never used this app but have it in my phone. In case of an emergency you can use this app to call the police to your location.

I am safe : In case of an earthquake, you can send a message to authorities and your loved ones that you are okay or you need help with your location. I for one, have never used this app but nowadays a lot of earthquakes are happening and even though most likely, you will never use this app; I still want to add this just in case.

MAC+ (Macfit) : This is the chain of gyms in Türkiye which is the most professional and most widely available. If you want to hit the gym, this is possibly the best option and you need to scan a door’s QR code to get in.

HiWell : If you wish to do online therapy, this is a really good option with various psychologist and you can change your psychologist for free if you need to. Remember,  we are all mad here.

Thank you for reading this far! Hope this list is useful. If there is anything else you wish to add or anything else you think would be nice to add, feel free to let us now! Have fun and safe travels!

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Helpful Applications for Türkiye

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